What makes a killer, vegan burger?

Cruelty-free + Beyond Delish!

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy burger and fries! When it comes to purchasing vegan burgers, we find ourselves caught in a challenging situation because most of the store-bought burgers are not exactly healthy for you. Many of the popular GMO, vegan meat brands contain glyphosate herbicide and consumption on a regular basis can be dangerous for your health. The Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger brands both taste amazing but I personally don’t think they are healthy just because they are vegan. These meat replacements are highly processed. I enjoy eating them once in a while and they taste even better because they are cruelty-free but good for you that are not.

Homemade Vegan Burger Benefits vs Meat Burgers

  • High in Fiber

  • Nutrient Rich

  • Lower in calories and fat

  • Helps protect your body from diseases

  • Less Preservatives

Homemade vegan burgers are definitely a healthier option to highly, processed store bought patties. Here are some quick, easy, vegan burgers recipes you may want to try.

Spicy South-western Burger Patty

(Prep time: 10 Minutes|Cook Time: 15 Minutes| Servings: 4)


• 2 Minced medium shallots

• 3 Minced garlic cloves

• 1 Can of about 15 ounces of rinsed and drained chickpeas

• 1 to 2 tablespoons of avocado oil

• 1 Can of about 4 ounces of mild green chilis

• 1 Teaspoon of cumin

• 1 Teaspoon of chili powder

• 1 Juiced medium lime; about 3 tablespoons

• 1 Handful of finely chopped fresh cilantro

• ½ Cup of finely crushed yellow tortilla chips

• ¼ Teaspoon of pepper and sea salt

• 2 Teaspoons of cane sugar or coconut sugar

• For the topping:

• Green chilis or salsa

• 1 Ripe avocado

• 1 Medium red onion

• Fresh chopped cilantro

• Toasted vegan buns


  1. Start by heating a large skillet over a medium heat; then preheat your oven to a temperature of about 375° F degrees

  2. Line a baking sheet with a parchment paper or a leave bare.

  3. Once the skillet is hot, add in about 1 tablespoon of oil; then add the shallot and the garlic.

  4. Sauté your ingredients and frequently stir until your ingredients for about 1 to 2 minutes

  5. Add the garlic and the shallot to a mixing bowl; then add in the drained chickpeas and mash with a fork or a masher

  6. Add the remaining ingredients and the onion and stir to combine very well

  7. You can add more oil; then adjust the seasoning and taste to your preferences

  8. Divide the obtained mixture into about 4 patties and to form it very well; you can use a ½ cup measuring cup

  9. Press the patties to pack it; then lift it out and slightly flatten it with your hands

  10. Heat the skillet over a medium high heat; then add the thin layer of oil and cook for about 3 to 4 minutes per side

  11. Gently flip the patties and reduce the heat

  12. Lay down the cilantro on the bottom half of each of the toasted buns and top with onion, green chili and avocado

Nutrition Information

Calories: 237, Fat: 2.6g, Carbohydrates: 14g, Protein: 15.3g, Dietary Fiber 8 g

Falafel Patty Burger

(Prep time: 15 Minutes|Cook Time: 30 Minutes| Servings: 4)


For the burgers

• 9 Oz of soaked for an overnight chickpeas

• 1 Finely chopped medium onion

• 2 Crushed or finely chopped garlic cloves

• 2 Teaspoons of ground cumin

• 2 Teaspoons of ground coriander seed

• 6 Tablespoons of chopped parsley

• ½ Teaspoon of chilli powder

• 2 Tablespoons of plain flour

• 1 Teaspoon of salt

• Oil for deep frying

• For the tahini sauce and the hummus and tahini sauce

• 4½oz of hummus

• 2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

• 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

• 1 Tablespoon of tahini

• 4 Vegan hamburger buns

• 1 Sliced tomato

• 1 Sliced red onion

• 4 Butter Lettuce leaves


1. Drain the chickpeas thoroughly; then pulse it in the food processor

2. Add in the remaining ingredients and keep pulsing until you get the texture of breadcrumbs

3. Form patties from the mixture; then heat the oil in a large frying pan

4. Fry the patties into hot oil for about 4 to 5 minutes

5. For the tahini and the hummus sauce; whisk all your ingredients and if you want a lighter sauce; you can more water until your get the consistency you want

6. Place a leaf of lettuce on each of the rolls, a slice of tomato and some red onions

Nutrition Information

Calories: 167, Fat: 7.6g, Carbohydrates: 18.3g, Protein: 7.5g, Dietary Fiber: 3.2 g

White Bean Burgers

(Prep time: 7 Minutes|Cook Time: 18 Minutes| Servings: 4-5)


• 1 Peeled and roasted sweet potato

• 1 Can of about 15 oz of white beans, rinsed and drained

• 1 Finely chopped small onion

• 1 Teaspoon of garlic powder

• 1 Teaspoon of red pepper flakes

• ⅓ Cup of nutritional yeast

• ⅓ Cup of finely chopped fresh parsley

• 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice

• ½ Cup of seasoned bread crumbs

• 1 Pinch of salt

• 1 Pinch of black pepper

• Vegan Chipotle Mayo

• Canola oil

• 1 Sliced red onion

• 1 Sliced avocado


1. Preheat your oven to a temperature of about 350˚F

2. Add the roasted sweet potato, the white beans, the onion, the parsley, the lemon juice and the seasoning in a large bowl

3. With a potato masher, mash all your ingredients very well; then add the bread crumbs and thoroughly mix

4. Add in the breadcrumbs and mix it in

5. Heat a small quantity of oil over a medium heat; then add in the patties and cook for about 3 minutes

6. Transfer the patties to a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and bake it for about 10 minutes.

7. Place the patties on the buns; and on top with the vegan chipotle mayo, the avocado, and the red onion

Nutrition Information

Calories: 230.8, Fat: 7.2g, Carbohydrates: 29g, Protein: 11g, Dietary Fiber: 5.5 g

Vegan Pesto Burgers

(Prep time: 12 Minutes|Cook Time: 18 Minutes| Servings: 4-5)


• ½ Pound of Quorn Meat Free Mince

• 2 Diced Shallots, diced

• 2 Crushed garlic cloves

• 1 Slice of Wholemeal bread

• 1/4 cup plant-based vegan egg replacement

• 1 Pinch of sea salt

• 1 Pinch of black pepper

• 2 Tablespoons of vegan pesto

• 4 Tablespoons of 0% vegan yoghurt

• 2 Buns of vegan brioche

• 2 Handfuls of Rocket (arugula)

• 4 Slices of Light mozzarella


1. Heat a little quantity of oil in a pan; then add the chopped shallots and the garlic; then gently cook for about 2 minutes.

2. Add the Quorn Meat Free Mince and cook it for about 3 additional minutes.

3. Put the slice of bread in a food processor and blend it very well

4. Add the blended bread with the Quorn mixture, the plant-based vegan egg replacement, the half of the pesto, the salt and the pepper and mix very well.

5. With both your hands, form the mixture into 2 burgers; then put it on a platter and refrigerate for about 30 minutes to firm up

6. Heat a little quantity of oil in the pan; then add the burgers and cook each for about 2 minutes per side

7. Mix the remaining quantity of pesto with the vegan yoghurt; then add it to the buns with the rocket and top it with the burgers and the vegan mozzarella.

8. Serve and enjoy your burgers!

Nutrition Information

Calories: 456, Fat: 14g, Carbohydrates: 38g, Protein: 32g, Dietary Fiber: 7 g