MIA FEROSH® is a vegan lifestyle brand committed to taking the whole food, plant-based, vegan message mainstream in 2019 + beyond.  Our purpose it to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. We are on a mission to create a collective of lovers of life in all forms + those with discerning taste, who consume with conscience. We are dedicated to presenting carefully curated + engaging, vegan-related health, wellness, weight-loss, vegan food + travel content. We use this platform to help champion high- quality, non-toxic, vegan products from select brands that have cruelty-free, fair trade + sustainability practices at the heart of their business ethos.



Years ago founder, Mia Lange created Mia Ferosh as a bolder, fearless alter-ego. Fast forward to May 2019 to her one-year vegan anniversary, MIA FEROSH® the brand was launched. Mia’s vegan journey sparked a reawakening, a rebirth + ignited a fire within her to join those advocating the cruelty-free, plant-based vegan,  lifestyle in honor of our bodies, our health, all living creatures + our planet. She is here to let the world know that vegan is sexy, delicious, luxurious, chic, kind, caring + totally on trend! Join her journey + share yours too + together let’s celebrate the hottest cruelty-free, vegan brands, products + experiences.